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Our primary customer today is still the independent auto parts store, speed shop, truck center or specialty store. Our base customers are what are known as “mom and pop” stores that have a few employees with an owner/operator at the head of the operations. They are very hands on and are also from the industry, - meaning that they know the products, how they work and how to install them. Besides their time, they have their personal fortune vested in their store. They provide a high degree of personal service.

NPW sells to a variety of channels, such as

  • Automotive jobbers,
  • Speed shops,
  • Truck accessory outlets,
  • Online stores,
  • Wholesalers,
  • National chains and
  • Other Warehouses (WDs).

We sell to customers in various states in the USA and provinces in Canada as well as internationally. The Company specializes in exports to the Caribbean, Central and South America and Australia.